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Hunting Property Photo
Linn County
236 Acres
APPROXIMATELY 245 ACRES IN LINN CO KANSAS UNIT 11 This lease is in area that has no shortage of trophy whitetail and great turkey hunting. Surrounding nearby leases have produced some great deer so in my opinion this property should be presented as a good extra property to have with another lease. I believe there are some resident does that are in and out of the property early season and I would be pretty excited to hunt here during the rut. There is a good amount of deer sign on the property and almost always has a good row crop planted so a couple mineral locations would be great. This property would need to be studied a little more than most for the right stand/ blind location and with a little extra effort I believe it could produce some great opportunities.
Hunting Property Photo
New York
Oswego County
25 Acres
Cool 25 acres just out side Scriba NY. Narrow track with lots of possibilities. Good areas to possibility set up food plots in field. when walking property lots of deer and turkey sign. place a camper or just camp out and enjoy the fishing that is close by... $2 million hunting liability insurance also included in lease price. Outfitters & Guides must provide additional insurance.
Hunting Property Photo
Miami County
320 Acres
AWESOME MIAMI COUNTY 320 ACRE HUNTING LEASE ONLY 2 MILES APART! HERE IS WHERE THE DEER AND TURKEY HAVE BEEN HIDING OUT. UNIT 11 These two leases are exactly what you look for when you are already in a high deer density area. Currently 320 acres of nothing but mature timber with some large cedar trees and creek bottoms. The properties have trails winding throughout the center and edges of both tracts with endless opportunities for food plots and feeder locations. There are so many options for stand and blind locations for any wind that Kansas can throw at you. The far North property has a high line easement on the West end of the property, this will prove to be an excellent area to be when turkey hunting, rattling or setting up a feeder/food plot location. The leases are less than 5 miles from Paola KS with plenty of lodging and eating options. The roads to the properties are very good with easy access. The far South tract will have approximately 80 acres of brush and tree removal for preparation of some crop ground to be planted. We are hopeful it will be complete in the spring/summer of 2018. In my opinion this will only help the long term hunting for this tract. On the North property there are future plans of clearing for crop ground. The landowner has cattle grazing lease on the North property. Gas lease on South tract Map Link
Hunting Property Photo
Knox County
32 Acres
32 acres in Knox County, KY. Located just 15 minutes from Barbourville. This property is loaded with timber and bordered by Gregory Branch Creek. Landowner said that there is an area on the property that had an old homestead that's flat enough to do a food plot. With the Cumberland River close by, you are sure to have deer travel through this area. -Camping is available on this property. Sorry, no hook-ups. -Trapping allowed. -Landowner is open to allowing food plots. Please submit map to HLN rep for approval. -Landowner asks that the sportsmen respect the property and only trim branches for shooting lanes, no marketable timber to be cut. -ATV's are permitted for hunting related tasks only. -No cattle. $2MM of liability insurance included in the lease amount. No commercial use.
Hunting Property Photo
Costilla County
35 Acres
35 acres in Costilla County, CO. Costilla County offers some of the best big game hunting in Colorado. Home to an abundance of wildlife such as deer, elk and antelope, which may often be seen in herds grazing in the fields. Coyotes, bears, bighorn sheep, and mountain lions make their homes here also. Landowner is open to food plots with approval first. Please submit your ideas to your HLN Rep. Camping will be allowed, but property does not have hook-ups. $2 million in recreational hunting liability is included in lease price. Outfitters and guides must submit their own insurance.
Hunting Property Photo
South Dakota
Gregory County
240 Acres
240 acres in Gregory County, SD. Two pheasant hunting properties for the price of one, located just minutes north of Gregory, SD. Start planning today and have your property set for the upcoming pheasant season. This property is managed for wild pheasant populations with CRP planted in a pollinator habitat that is ideal for nesting and brood cover. There are plenty of wild roosters each season depending on weather conditions. Last season hunts reported close to a hundred birds in the dense koschia weeds. Camping is also excellent with no light pollution and star gazing on clear nights. Please use extreme caution with campfires. Absolutely no fires in windy conditions. Landowner will reserve the right to hunt the property with guests for 5 days during the last week of October or the first week of Nov. He also requests that the ranch hand get 5 days during the last week of December or first week of January. This will be communicated between all parties involved. -This is a pheasant hunting property only! -Food plots already provided. -Camping allowed on smaller property that has 1 electrical outlet and 3 water hookups. -No campfires in windy conditions. -Trapping will have to be approved. -No cattle. $2 million in recreational hunting liability insurance included in lease price. Outfitters/Guides are allowed and must submit their own insurance.
Hunting Property Photo
Russell County
160 Acres
160 ACRES in RUSSELL COUNTY, KANSAS!! This is a great little property!! It does not look like much from the aerial but it has plenty of traffic as you can see from the pictures. There is a draw that runs from the NE all the down through the property and ends at the SE corner. This draw has a tremendous amount of sign in it. Every tree was rubbed up and plenty of scrapes. In fact, it looked like a big buck bedroom with all the beds and sign in the draw. I found three shed antlers in the draw. One very nice five point side is in the pics below. There are few trees that set up nicely for a tree stand at the south end of the draw. I picture the deer bedding down in the grass at the north end and then moving through the draw in the mornings and evenings. There are some great vantage points for a rifle hunter and some opportunities for a bow hunter from a ground blind or possible one of the few trees on the property. In the pics below, you can see an L shape in a different shade of color. This L shape is in the SE corner. This is pasture ground that is grazed by cattle. The cattle do come off the property sometime in the fall. The rest of the ground is native grass. Very high and tall grass. The trails in it are tremendous. The deer are definitely moving through and using this piece of property. The native grass would also provide the lessee with some great upland bird hunting. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must! $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price. Outfitters/guides must provide their own additional insurance.
Hunting Property Photo
Osborne County
160 Acres
Great inexpensive property just outside of Osborne, Kansas!!!!! This property has a great little honey hole in the SW corner. It has a little patch of native grass and some great creek bottom surrounding it. The creek bottom connects up with quite a bit of property so during the rut you should have all kinds of activity cruising through this place looking for hot does. There is a great amount of feed around the area. All the makings for a sweet set up. ATV's allowed for hunting purposes only, no trail riding, and avoid damaging the fence on the property. Respect to crops and crop ground is a must! $2 million hunting liability insurance included with lease price. Owner reserves the right to pasture cattle. Outfitters/guides must provide their own additional insurance.
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